Thursday, April 7, 2011

What is going on around here?

I realize it may have been a bit jarring to visit several days in a row only to find this place turned upside down, sideways, or even plaid.  Never a Plain Jane Designs is changing and so too must Never a Plain Jane the blog.
I want this to be a place where I can explore and share how craft fits into the life of a crafter.
The crafter and her craft...sometimes it is hard to distinguish where one stops and the other starts. When I am "off work" and hanging with my kiddo I am by no means immune to the inspiration all around us.  I'm also not going to pretend that I am only thinking of garters and brides when I am creating my pretty pieces of leg jewelry.  Sometimes I'm actually thinking my latest hemming technique would work spectacularly on the living room curtains. Because I so strongly beleive I am Never a Plain Jane and Never a Plain Jane is me, I have recorded every facet of my life in one place. But just as I send Emily off to school so she can grow, I need to have more separation between my business and my personal life so they can both continue to grow.
With this blog I hope to create a space where readers can experience the story, and the journey, of my ever-evolving business.
Right now, I am in the business of making garters - unique garters for offbeat brides, burlesque, your average Tuesday...Why? Because garters are important. The materials, the design, the colors are all expressing something about the wearer.  Sometimes she wants to express those things to someone else - like a spouse - and sometimes she just wants a private reminder that she is strong/sexy/whimsical - insert adjective here.
By sharing the things that inspire my work I provide you with a platform in which to explore, find, and appreciate the things that make you feel the most you; that make you feel your very best.
And because they are among the things that make me feel the most me, I have not relegated Emily and Ben to blog posts of the past. I am currently building a second blog where I can chat about them and other parts of my life to my heart's content.  They will probably make an appearance over here every once in awhile as well.

Now I've talked about me and my wants, but this blog is every bit as much about you, my most darling readers.
What do you think of this new direction? What do you want to get out of it?

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Chavaneth said...

Thanks - I found you thru The Creative Empire - and now I'm going to do this same thing, talk about and define my blog goals....