Friday, April 22, 2011

Today is Earth Day (just like yesterday)

Happy Earth Day!

Photo by Krista Long

Probably everyone and her second cousin once removed is blogging about green-ness and sustainability and trees today.  Well, everyone except for those people who started prepping us last week.  (I'm looking at you Tina Jett.) A lot of those people, Tina Jett included, are totally sincere.  And, because there is such sincere, widespread concern about the fate of our planet, a few people use that to sell whatever it is they sell.  Those people suck.

That said, I had prepared a post for today outlining some of the efforts made by Never a Plain Jane Designs  to be green. Then, NPR ran an interview with the StephenDubner, author of Freakonomics, about Conspicuous Conservation and I just felt sort of dirty.

-side note: this is a common problem for small businesses, especially those owned by women.  It is really hard to talk oneself up in any capacity because it feels so much like the bragging our mamas taught us to avoid. I do "green" because I want to, but I began to worry this post would look like a big sales pitch.-

But I do employ green practices where I can and know how.  I do these things because they are important to me. I am telling you about them because I want you to know I run a company that will try to accommodate your desire to buy green products. I, after all, make pretty things. I have no intention of making my home - our home- ugly in the process. I do not recite a tree-huggers ode as some sort of company pick-up line.

Almost every garter I make contains recycled or upcycled material. You can see this pretty clearly in my All Tied Up line.

Unique garter from necktie
And, once upon a time, this little pretty was a cocktail dress from Nine West and a silk camisole from Ann Taylor.

Unique garter featuring brown and aqua silk

So far, I've been able to use a great deal of upcycled materials in my packaging as well. For each of my garters I make a pillow out of leftover yardage and stuffed with fabric scraps, snippets of thread, and dried lavender. The pillow helps the garter retain its shape during shipping and the lavender keeps dust mites at bay.  Tissue paper, brown paper wrapping, and boxes used for shipping are all reused as well.

As far as Never a Plain Jane is concerned today was Earth day, yesterday was Earth day, tomorrow will be Earth day. Next Tuesday? That will be Earth day too. If you'd like to add some Earth Day into your wedding day as well I'd be thrilled to take part in it.  Here are a few other places to help you along:

Bella Figura, environmental artisan letterpress!

Green Dandelion Floral Design, specializing in environmentally friendly wedding and event floral design.

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