Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh Janice

I love my new sewing table! It puts my machine at the perfect height which has been a great relief to my aching shoulders. I have it set up under my window so I can take advantage of the light and treetop view.

"But wait," you say, "shouldn't the machine mount inside the table?" Yes my darlings, that is indeed what is supposed to happen.  The table top unfolds and the machine is typically mounted in a sewing-machine sized hole.

This way, the machine folds neatly into the cabinet when not in use, and the table opens into a nice large workspace while the seamstress works her magic at the machine.

It is really wonderful. IF YOU HAVE A MACHINE THAT MOUNTS. I don't.  I have a portable machine. Oh, Janice.

Really, it is quite alright.  Embarrassing, but still alright. I love my portable machine. And I have a much better work surface then when I was using the top of a modified file cabinet.  Plus, now I'm prepared for the day I do get a mountable machine.

So you are totally welcome to point and laugh as long as you tell me one of your workroom gaffs.  Come on, you know you are dying to commiserate. What stupid mistakes have you made?

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