Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Irish in a pinch

Happy March! Saint Patrick's Day is a few weeks away so this week's treasury is a small tribute to a few of the many things that make Ireland worth celebrating. If you click on the photo to view my treasury on Etsy, don't be surprised if it looks a little different. Right after I notified the featured artists I got a very kind message from the photographer Arpad Lukacs.
Thank you very much for including my photo in your treasury! It's a very kind gesture and I'm very sorry but that particular item will expire today and I wasn't planning to relist it...:( Sorry about this, I didn't mean to ruin your wonderful treasury.)
All the best,
 He was then kind enough to recommend a replacement photo.

Blackrock in Ireland 12x8 (inch)

You guys - seriously - you must visit this guy's website. His photographs are stunning!  It is work this Arpad's that makes a girl want to travel. Since I can't, at least I can take a mental vacation.

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