Friday, March 11, 2011

Bride Style - Retro Glam with Ease

Today I have a special treat weeks in the making: a collaborative post with magician of film and (mascara) wand: Courtney Zepeda-Hawkes of Glamourpuss! Courtney is an artist in every respect.  She is equally adept with Pencils, powders, film, and facets. Today, she is loaning me her 17 year expertise as a make-up artist and photographer to help style a fictitious bride, designed to inspire you!
Meet Liz.
Liz is a no-nonsense kind of bride. She just doesn't go for a lot of frivolity and prefers to devote her time to pursuing her interests instead of passing trends. I can tell you now that this bride is not about the fuss of a wedding - the traditions that tend to stifle some brides are not even a concern for Liz. This wedding is her way.

The Venue
For her venue she's chosen the Lord Thomas Manor in Connecticut.  The ceremony is take place on the beautiful green grounds followed by an indoor/outdoor reception.
Both photos by  Justin & Mary

The grandeur of the estate and the flow between inside and out will lend the whole event a feeling of elegance and ease.

 Attire and Accessories
Liz isn't interested in what's trendy; she prefers classic beauty that looks effortless. She has chosen the Eve gown by Reddoll for its easy drape and vintage flair. The lightweight silk chiffon will flow and flutter beautifully in the breeze during the outdoor ceremony.

To complement her dress's black sash, Liz has opted for a non-traditional black bandeau veil.
The Ophelia by Serephine
In keeping with the feel of her dress and veil, Liz opts for vintage-inspired jewelry. Never one to overdo it when it comers to accessories, she keeps it simple with stud earrings and a stunning bracelet.
Fitz Bracelet by Rachel Leigh
Hair and Make-up
For her hair, I know she wants something that looks effortless. To complement her dress, I am thinking of something reminiscent of The Great Gatsby, but softer - a faux bob.

I would curl Liz's shoulder-length and then, once they have set, brush the curls out with my fingers. From there I would give her a sexy side part and bind the ends with a rubber-band. Then I would roll it up underneath her hair, giving the illusion of a shorter bob. I would secure it by pinning the underside, starting with the rubber-banded ends and then working around the sides. It is crucial to always keep your pins pointing down and to criss-cross them. This is not a hairstyle where I would fuss with making sure every hair is in place. The softness and imperfection is what makes this style look effortless. I would finish it off with anti-humidity hairspray and some shine spray. A video demonstration is available here:

As for  Liz's make-up, this is a perfect case for simple, retro chic. This look would have lovely flushed cheeks, eyeliner on the top lids with a simple shimmer on the lids and a dark nude color on the lips. I would
typically suggest a red such as Chanel's Russet Moon, but Liz is not a fan of cliches, so I'll steer clear.

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Overall, she is a vision!  Her natural beauty radiates and isn't masked or overshadowed by any aspect of her wedding look.  This is the essence of Liz, a beautiful, vintage-modern bride!

Meet our expert

Courtney Zepeda-Hawkes has a penchant for all things glam.She likes things that are pretty, especially if those things are also pink and sparkly. When she isn't enjoying the company of her super "hip and happening" kids she's crafting, playing dress-up and taking photos.  Feel free to join in the fun at her blog, on Facebook, or on MySpace.

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