Thursday, January 13, 2011


Yesterday I began playing with a new flower design using wired ribbon and crinoline. Off to the fabric store I went. I marched in and straight to the section with all the tulle and netting. Because that's what crinoline is - that super stiff net that made all my childhood Easter dresses worth wearing.
Thank you Droolicious
No, Janice! That is NOT what crinoline is, which explains why I stood in that section for fifteen minutes frantically rifling through tulle to no avail. I'd feel dumb, except the three fabric store employees I asked were also stumped.  In fact, two of them had never even heard of crinoline so I was ahead of the curve as far as they were concerned. Finally, a nice, but rather curt, elderly lady threw her hands up in exasperation and left her spot at the checkout line. "It should be in bridal," she said, marching in that direction with our puzzled entourage training behind.

And there it was. Although, the very helpful, but rather curt, older lady was pretty disappointed. Apparently modern crinoline is far to thin, what she wore as a girl was almost a heavy satin to which layers and layers of netting was attached. Ooooooh. You can see a history of crinoline here: Wikipedia. I give no guarantees regarding accuracy.  I had the wrong fabric up until this week.

So what have we learned here? Assume nothing! Unless, of course, you are assuming you don't know anything. In that case, totally go with it and do your research. Or, in short:
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