Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A little shop talk

I won't lie, I'm pretty lost with this whole business thing. Perhaps that's something I should keep to myself since I suspect nobody wants to buy from a business that is on unsure footing.

Okay, then, let me rephrase. Boy am I ever inundated with information these days!Is that better?  A little more of a positive spin, maybe?

Here's the thing, when people tell you starting a business is hard they are not kidding around.  Hard is, in fact, an understatement.  It is like saying you'll "feel a little pressure" while giving birth. Actually, starting and growing a business is almost exactly like birthing and raising a child. There must be a million books giving advice on how to do it, the psychology of it all, the planning, the feeding, the socializing...but in the end there is no manual and absolutely no warranty.

Well, I still have tenacity so that's...something. And I'm still having fun.

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Doris said...

Tenacity will get you far. In fact, it's probably a very key trait in being a successful business owner. Just pair it with patience and persistance :)