Tuesday, July 27, 2010

S is for Sarah

I love Sarah. She is among my oldest and best of friends.  I'm not sure if you can tell this about me, but I'm a little high strung. Hold the little and add a side of easily excited. Sarah is just so very very. You know?  Totally easy-going and happy-go-lucky. You could say she completes me, but that might be weird so we'll say she offsets me and call it good.

When I was in the mood to get my craft on, I decided to go to it with a purpose.  And that purpose was Sarah. I needed to make something pretty, but not flashy, with a good pop of color. And so...TaDah!
Turns out, she loves it! And it got to her just when she needed a big fat kick of cheerful.


Kit said...

woo! I want one!

Never A Plain Jane said...

Oh yeah? Did you have a color preference?