Friday, May 14, 2010

Taking back my closet - The Pixie Dress Edition

I told you guys I had been busy. Boy have I ever. I decided earlier this year that I could not stand to continue having piles of materials from projects I'd get to some day. I did pretty well until that cute boy showed up at home and took all my attention. Husbands are tricky like that. Slow and steady wins the race, though, and I've stolen time from here or there to knock out a few things.

See, Emily is what we call a glamazon. She's quite tall for a five-year-old. She's also active enough to maintain some great muscle tone. This means that many of her outfits from last summer and this past fall fit but are too short.  Or maybe they don't fit but she loves them all the same.  Something had to be done!

Once again inspired by Ashley, I started with a couple of Em's dresses and an oversized tank top I picked up at Target for $1.00. The tank top I actually used is pink, and you'll notice I said a couple of dresses, but these photos ought to give you an idea of what I started with:

Then, taking a cue from this project, I used one of Emily's newer tanks to get the sizing right:

After that, I changed my plan about a thousand times and started working in tiny increments of time so I "forgot" to take photos. In then end, I used instructions from Ashley's tutorials, info from a book I picked up long ago, and I made a bunch of stuff up to get:
It photographs a little flat, but is super cute in person.  Em is happy with it, for sure - see the smile. Of course, I can make all the dresses she wants, but its Ben that gives her wings:

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