Friday, May 7, 2010

One week down

I survived my first shampoo-free week! See here, where I told you all about my hair issues and plans.

This week was only the beginning of what looks like it may be a long learning process. I started Thursday night by washing my hair with a solution of 2 tbsp baking soda dissolved in about 12 oz. of warm water. I applied, massaged, rinsed and then conditioned the ends with Burt's Bees Super Shiny Grapefruit & Sugar Beet Conditioner. From what I read I expected my hair to feel greasy or dirty afterward, but no.  It felt fabulously clean and I just knew the no 'poo experiment was going to be a success.

Saturday was my day at the beach so I didn't wash my hair until right before a Stage Mom meeting at Emily's dance  school so I just threw the washed, wet mess into a french braid and didn't deal with it again until Sunday night.  It was a very oily Sunday. And Monday. And Tuesday... I found I had to wash my hair every night and heat-style it every morning to avoid going to work with my tresses shellacked to my head.

Okay, don't panic, Janice.  My hair had been so oily lately I was washing and styling it daily anyway so this was not actually a change.  The difference was that my hair now constantly felt as though it had been recently dragged through ocean water and my roots more or less stayed greasy while my ends were crispy. Eeeeeew.

Well, this morning I may have discovered the secret.  Instead of a watery solution I mixed a tablespoon of baking soda with just enough water to make a paste. This was infinitely easier to apply and work into the roots and my hair is much less oily today.

Sadly, the ends are still very dry  so more tweaking is in order.  And don't bother adjusting your screen.  Last week my hair photographed strawberry but today it looks more golden.  While I have been led to understand going no 'poo may deepen one's hair color, this is just a trick of the lights (florescent vs. bulb).

Tomorrow I have an appointment for a haircut  so we'll see what happens when I get washed and styled by a pro. *cue cliffhanger music.

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