Friday, May 28, 2010

No 'poo - weeks 3 and 4

One month down and I'm really happy with how my shampoo boycott is progressing. Last week I tried washing my hair with just conditioner a couple of ties, but, since I don't particularly fancy the wet look I cut that out pdq.
As of last Friday, things were more or less how they had been:
I have since cut out conditioner completely.  My current routine includes massaging  a teaspoon on baking soda mixed with a little water into my scalp, concentrating on my hairline.  Once I rinse that out I spritz apple cider vinegar onto my hair from about the area I would normally wear a pony tail all the way to the ends.  That sits for a minute and then gets rinsed out as well. And here I am a week later (meaning, today):
The dryness at the ends has definitely been remedied. I haven't been on the receiving end of any incredulous compliments yet, but, hey, I'm sure they'll start rolling in soon.  What the pictures don't capture is how incredibly soft my hair is these days.  I literally cannot keep my fingers out of it. I also think my tresses are starting to gain in the shine department.

Tomorrow night I get to get all dolled up for a wedding which means fancy hair. My locks are coaxed into a style much more easily so I'm hoping to use that to my advantage - maybe try something new.  I'll let ya know!


botanical brouhaha said...

you're a brave soul! i haven't missed a day of shampooing in 20 years...which is why my hair looks like an oil spill in the morning!

Never A Plain Jane said...

Thanks, Amy. I promise I don't smell like I've skipped out on shampoo.