Friday, November 6, 2009

And the worst parent award goes to...

Not once, but twice I have failed to send Emily to school with her show and tell based on the letter her class is learning that week. I lost her pumpkin reading chart for the entire month of October. I have also failed to turn in her Friday homework book on Friday. And now. Now, I have helped her labor over a special project for an entire week only to tell her that it was due a whole day after it was actually due. My poor kid has failed to turn in five assignments on time, if at all, thanks to the crappy calendar-reading skills of her own mother. I have thus far written two apologetic notes (both with misspelled words, by the way.) to her teacher begging my kid not be penalized for my mistakes. Geez! I have my first ever parent-teacher meeting next Tuesday. I can only imagine the type of person this teacher is expecting next week. I will now cringe and dread our meeting for the next few days.

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