Monday, November 10, 2008

Anything you want done right...

For the past two months my poor boy has been kickin' it with his fleet in Bahrain. Except for the heat and the massive amount of work, things there haven't been too bad for him. I mean, at least it isn't a war zone. Currently. But now it is time for him to come home. No really, the Navy deemed it so, not me. Sadly, all the important folk got on their convenient little commercial flights leaving Ben and the enlisteds to wait for an Air Force flight from Kuwait. They got all packed up and woke before the sun only to wait hours before finding out the plane was broken. Rinse and repeat times two. That is three flight manifests, almost a week of waiting around airports and hotels, and a bunch of anxious families waiting. Lucky me, Em and I are in Texas so his arrival in Virginia is not something our lives hinge upon. Still, I don't want my boy waiting for or flying on a broken aircraft. I want him stateside and I want it NOW. I realize it'll be Thanksgiving before I can actually get up there to see him (stupid University does not count "sex up my Naval Officer" as an excused absence - come on people! There is a war going on!), but I want him safe and comfortable. I tell you what; if the air force does not get that plane in the air this week I'll fix the damn thing myself.

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