Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The woman behind the man

I'm not sure if I told everyone, but I have a new job. I started it at the beginning of May. I am the support staff for the entire facilities department at A&m Athletics.

I won't lie, I was VERY upset at first. I felt like nobody wanted me and they were depriving me of this great opportunity to learn from a real business man etc etc. But I LOVE it down here.My new true love is Mr. Pickard.

Mr. Pickard is Aggie Athletics. He's one of the original Junction Boys, and at 73 years old, I think he might eat nails for breakfast. He's as much an institution here as Kyle Field.

And he's a complete kitten.

Mr. Pickard is so incredibly stubborn and does not like to count on anyone but himself. He also checks once a week to make sure I am happy and comfortable and have enough office supplies. Do you know what an honor it is to work for a man like that? This is the most amazing opportunity I've had yet at A&M Athletics. I'm so incredibly happy here.

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