Monday, October 16, 2006

Hey Cinderella, what's this story all about

Oh my gosh! What a weekend. DC is beautiful! There are so many trees and it smells so good and the buildings are all so aesthetic. Okay, so perhaps I only saw the good parts of DC, but it was an amazing trip. The weather was good (which was excellent considering my travel attire and Texas "winter" clothes). Ben was so amazingly sweet. He even had two pairs of thigh high tube socks waiting for me upon arrival. How cute is that? Yes people, I wear thigh high tube socks. His little circle of friends are so fun I have a secret crush on both Dave and Tara now. I got to sleep almost as much as I wanted (yea down comforter for 39 degree nights)and we walked all over the mall. The monuments are soooo neat.

While some people have a very loose interpretation on what qualifies as a cocktail dress, the little group with whom we chilled all looked fantastic. I am still giggling about our dinner conversation which involved a tangent regarding hamsters and sea monkeys. *hold on, I'm really still giggling* And then the weekend was suddenly over and we had to get up before the butt crack of dawn even to get me to Baltimore. Ben asked me to stay longer. I admit, I really wanted to. Really really. We will never work. We are too much alike and too different and too far away. And absolutely at home with each other. Sigh. I'm not planning on getting my heart broken, but he's already admitted to falling and I'm not far behind. Watching him turn and walk away after I went through security definitely choked me up. So the theme for the weekend's end: epistemological dissidence is hard to say but it cannot compare to good-bye...

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