Thursday, August 25, 2011

This morning I am off to *hopefully* get my Florida Driver's License. We all know how fun it is to visit the DMV so I thought I'd spice things up with a little Girl + Car pin-up photo montage.

Jayla from ANTM Cycle 5

Lauren by Christopher Allison

My My...Miss Vhaven

Quick Change Artist by Gil Elvgren, 1966 found via Amber Bozarth

It would be such a blast to participate in a pin-up photo shoot. Don't worry, though, I know my license photo is not the appropriate time to get in touch with my inner Vargas girl. But tell me, lovelies, would you consider putting together a pin-up portfolio?


Sew Bee It Clothier said...

I would have happily posed with MY Fusion...... :)
I am sure that you got it!

April Stilwell said...